Jeffrey Morgan & Associates



performed by C.L.A.N. ORCHESTRA
Musicians: Hans-Peter Salentin, tp; Norbert Stein, ts; Paul Hubweber, tb; Matthias Muche, tb; Frank Gratkowski, as; Georg Wissel, as; Carl-Ludwig Huebsch, tuba; Kees van Zomeren, cb; Hartmut Kracht, cb; Hans Kanty, dr; Klaus Mages, dr; Jeffrey Morgan, conductor

Live at the Kulturbunker / Cologne-Muehlheim)

(Video recording and editing by: BVS-Videodocumentation)


With Mauro Orselli: FREEDOM NOW!

With the Achim Jaroschek Quartet: J.O.E

CDs and Samples

  • At Sign of the Raven, The Submariners
  • At Zzaj Productions: Dreams of A Submariner, Electroshock, Quartz & Crowfeather, Sign of the Raven, Magnetic Fields, Take No Prisoners
  • Prelude to Fallout from Quasar Mach

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